South Africa
Since our first surfing experience last summer, we are constantly looking for every opportunity to jump on the board. You have probably heard about awesome waves of California, but there’s one destination which is more unique, unexplored and…well, cooler.

Everyone, welcome to South Africa – a place you SHOULD visit for your next surf season!

saints 1 Surfing In South Africa: Wax Up And Hit The Water!

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The best place to surf in South Africa is the Eastern coast (the Indian Ocean).  High season for surfing in South Africa is from April till August. Even though winter surfing sounds cold, it’s not – both air and water are quite warm (around 20° C).

A perfect match of geography and climate makes South African coastline a dreamland for any surfer.


There is a number of great surfing spots and here’s a shortlist of where we would go:

It’s a great spot with a number of shore and point breaks, the most famous of which is ‘Seals’ (nearby the lighthouse), known for an easy jump into the line-up. Great for long-boarders!

Video cortesy of: Trapsixfilms

Admired for its supertubes, it’s a great spot for professionals and surf photographers. Since supertubes are usually busy on the good days, this place is also known for local surf xenophobia. Surf Trips South Africa offers a good solution to this problem: a surfing ‘Point’ a few hundred meters down, which is good as well and easier to ride for the beginners (namely Illia and Nastia).

7680671154 f90d506003 b Surfing In South Africa: Wax Up And Hit The Water!

Since there are only 600 locals here, this spot seems to be a perfect place to avoid crowds and spend your time surfing instead of arguing with other dudes on whose wave it was. It’s just 90km away from Nelson Mandela’s homestead, so you’ll have something to do in addition to surfing.

coffee bay Surfing In South Africa: Wax Up And Hit The Water!

Suitable only for kamikaze-style surfing. 5-10m swell breaks over a shallow reef on the sea-side of Hout Bay during winter months, and can be accessed only by water craft. Surprisingly, bodysurfing exists here as well, so definitely go there just to watch this deadly show.dungeons South Africa surf 1 Surfing In South Africa: Wax Up And Hit The Water!



As almost everywhere in Africa the best option is to book a tour which will include transportation, accommodation, surfing lessons and so on. A quick Internet search shows that you can book 12 Days surf trip just for $1440 (as offered by Surf Trips South Africa) which seems to be a very reasonable price in comparison to Asia and especially Europe.

Otherwise, you can travel on your own, which seems to be a little bit more complicated. Depending on where you want to start your journey, you can travel either from Cape Town (closer to Dungeons and Jeffrey’s Bay) or from Durban (closer to Coffee Bay). Then you can either hire a car (which doesn’t seem to be a budget option) or take a bus (we didn’t manage to find information about all spots, but it looks like it’s totally possible to reach such popular destinations as Jeffrey’s Bay by regular bus).

Anyway, it’s always better to make your own calculations prior to any trip, but we think a booked surf trip seems to be the best option.


There is a variety of accommodation options in this part of the world: hotels, beach cottages, flats, lodges, chalets, etc. We managed to find the cheapest for just $10 per night, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

But again, the easiest way is to book a hotel through a surf tour.


Even though it’s obvious that surfing will be a highlight of your trip, there is also a number of other things you could do:

–       try bungee jumping

–       visit Nelson Mandela’s homestead

–       see Xhosa people

xhosa women on path between coffee bay and hole in the wall Surfing In South Africa: Wax Up And Hit The Water!

And, of course, enjoy long beach walks and sightseeing in Cape Town!

Is South Africa your kind of destination? Have you already tried surfing there? Share your experiences / expectations with us!


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