Why Go To Sri Lanka

In summer 2013 we’ve had quite a trip around countries of Asia, having visited the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. The last destination, Sri Lanka (or Ceylon, how the brits used to call it), was an absolute highlight. We were expecting bounty beaches and huts among coconut palm trees, but in fact we got much more.

Here is our list of both surprising and totally expected things we found and recommend you to explore on this magic piece of land in the Indian ocean.

1. Endless beach fish markets

IMG 2912 2 Why Go To Sri Lanka

This is Sri Lanka’s second largest fish market, located in Negombo, near the capital of Colombo. It’s huge, and it smells huge.

2. Rich history

IMG 2991 Why Go To Sri Lanka

These are the 5th century cave drawings in the town of Sigiriya. If you are after naked women, or just history, you gotta see ‘em!

3. Stunning views of mountain lakes

IMG 3420 Why Go To Sri Lanka

This is a cinematic lake in Nuwara Eliya, high-high in the mountains. By the way, the temperature was around +12C, which is a drastic change from Ceylon’s usual +30-30C…

4. Tea plantations

IMG 3456 Why Go To Sri Lanka

Tea plantations high in the mountains is a must. Fresh air, colorful tea gatherers, majestic sceneries…what’s not to love?

5. Surfin’!

IMG 3488 Why Go To Sri Lanka

For surfing, go to Arugam Bay (our favorite), or Hikkaduwa. It’s affordable, beautiful and totally safe.

6. Fishermen’ huts along the beaches

IMG 3494 Why Go To Sri Lanka

Fishermen is part of an old tradition, and it’s amazing to see how they live in the 21st century. You may find them on almost any popular Sri Lankan beach.

7. Enormous portions

IMG 3609 Why Go To Sri Lanka

This is a 3$ sandwich we got in Arugam Bay. Can you imagine?

8. Totally awesome sunrises

IMG 3624 2 Why Go To Sri Lanka

Actually, the sunrises in Sri Lanka are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. And we agree.

9. Wild elephants on the roads

IMG 3691 Why Go To Sri Lanka

…and a taxi driver will stop and encourage you to make photos! Something to show when you got back home!

Did we mention the Sri Lankan people are among the friendliest and nicest in the world? Did we say it’s also very cheap? There are tons of other reasons to go see the island, which we’d rather you explore on your own. Now, just book a soonest flight and GO GO GO!


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