World’s Cheapest Airlines: Which Ones Top The List?

The world’s cheapest airline is Ryanair, correct?

According to some research conducted by, Ryanair is actually only the fourth cheapest airline in the world. So which airlines will fly you for the least amount of money?

When flying a budget airline, fees make all the difference. WhichAirline factored in both transaction fees and checked 20 kilogram baggage fees for all the airlines on their list.

Budget airlines are constantly competing to the be the cheapest option for their routes. Just last week, Norwegian Air announced they will begin to offer long-haul flights from Gatwick Airport to the United States in an attempt to compete with airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Check out the the world’s 10 cheapest airlines below.

1. Pegasus Airlines
Total average fare: $86.34
Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800; TC-APH@DUS;13.10.2009/558mz

2. Wizz Air
Total average fare: $103.51
wizz air

3. Blue Air
Total average fare: $112.68
Blue Air Boeing 737-800

4. Ryanair
Total average fare: $114.04

5. easyJet
Total average fare: $122.95

6. Air One
Total average fare: $124.36
294cs - Air One Boeing 737-400; EI-CZG@ZRH;15.05.2004

7. Eurolot
Total average fare: $132.63
ATR-72-202, EuroLOT, Poznań - Ławica (POZ / EPPO)

8. Volotea
Total average fare: $141.78
Jesolo Air Extreme 2012

9. Vueling
Total average fare: $147.61
Vueling Airbus A320-214; EC-KKT@ZRH;08.04.2011/593al

10. flybe
Total average fare: $152.84
Flybe G-FBEM

Head over to Whichairline to see which other airline’s made the list.



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